Developmental Neurology Clinic

The Developmental Neurology Clinic is located in the Bellevue Hospital Pediatric Clinic. The resident will meet the Neurology attending and the Developmental Fellow in this area. This experience will allow the resident to further cultivate an awareness of the types of problems which should prompt referral to a neurodevelopmental specialist.

Specifically, the resident will:

  • Learn and perfect their performance of the neurologic examination.
  • Develop a basic understanding of the neurologic basis and differential diagnosis of motor delay, speech delay, mental retardation, and pervasive developmental delays, including autism, and will have discussions about the nature of the diagnostic work-ups, and the management.
  • Learn to define cerebral palsy, and discuss its etiology, risk factors, and outcome.
  • Gain an understanding of the interaction between the epilepsy syndromes of childhood and developmental delay.
  • Discuss various investigational tools, including CT scans, MRI, EEG, SPECT, and PET scans.
  • Learn to recognize the differential diagnosis of neurologic conditions which present as behavioral and psychiatric disorders.

Role of the Resident

The resident is expected to:

  • Attend weekly clinic sessions as scheduled.
  • Perform a history and physical and neurologic examination for patients, and demonstrate proficiency in the neurologic examination.
  • Make a brief presentation to the group about a neurodevelopmental topic which will be assigned.
  • Read core articles on cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy syndromes, speech development, and mental retardation.