Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinic

The Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinic is located in the Hospital for Joint Diseases, a part of the NYU Medical Center. Residents will meet the Pediatric Rehabilitation attending on the thirrd floor of the hospital, located on Second Avenue at 17th Street. This is a clinic set-up, in which children and adolescents present with a variety of neuromuscular conditions requiring rehabilitation assessment and follow-up.

The clinic is staffed by one or two attending pediatric physiatrists, and is also attended by residents in rehabilitation medicine. Pediatric residents will see patients on their own, under supervision of the attending, and will also accompany the attending in to see selected patients.

In-patient rounds are in the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. The attending physiatrist will set the schedule with the resident individually.

This clinic and rounds will allow the resident to experience:

  • The problems of development caused by chronic neuromuscular diseases such as cerebral palsy, the muscular dystrophies, and spina bifida.
  • Children who have had accidents, and medical conditions causing physically handicapping sequelae such as near-drowning, AV malformation rupture, neurosurgery, etc., will also be seen.
  • The various diagnostic aspects of the pediatric physiatry examination.

The resident should gain:

  • An awareness of the roles and activities of the physical and occupational therapists, including an awareness of the variety of adaptive equipment and appliances involved in the management of children with physical handicaps.
  • An awareness of other aspects of management currently in use for these patients, such as speech and language therapy, feeding therapy, bracing, pharmacological and surgical management.
  • Knowledge of the services used and resources available for these children and families, such as special education, respite and recreation programs, transportation services, family support groups, and special camps.

Role of the Resident

The resident should:

  • Directly participate, through observation and examination of outpatients and inpatients, and presentation to the Pediatric Rehabilitation attending physician.
  • Complete any specific readings to be designated by the Rehabilitation attending.
  • Attend several specified didactic presentations which are also set up for Pediatric Rehabilitation residents and fellows.