Reach Out and Read

Bellevue Hospital's Reach Out and Read (ROR) is part of a national pediatric early literacy program.

ROR is a collaboration among pediatricians, educators, volunteers and parents, working together to develop literacy skills long before children actually start learning to read.

It gives parents the information, encouragement and materials they need to make books part of their children's lives.

It takes advantage of regularly scheduled medical visits and the power of the "doctor's word" to reach the family before the school system can.

This is an individual didactic and practical session in which the resident will receive information about early literacy and spend time reading wt. children of all ages.

The resident will gain an understanding of:

  • Research that shows the importance of reading with children as a predictor of reading success.
  • The Developmental Milestones of Literacy.
  • The theory behind ROR.
  • How to choose age-appropriate books for children.
  • How to incorporate ROR into the Well Child visit.
  • How to deal with parents who are illiterate and don't speak English; the referral of parents to adult literacy programs.
  • How to make reading fun, one of the main objectives of ROR.

Role of the Resident

The resident is expected to:

  • Attend the session as scheduled.
  • Read articles distributed by the preceptor in order to participate actively in the discussion.
  • View the training video.
  • Read to clinic patients as part of the ROR programming