Neonatal Comprehensive Continuing Care Program


The Neonatal Comprehensive Continuing Care Program (NCCCP) is a multidisciplinary evaluation and early intervention program developed by the Division of Neonatology  to serve graduates of the NICU.

The program serves families of the New York University Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital Center Neonatology Program with the same family-centered supportive environment of parental education and psychological support to enhance the overall outcome of each infant and extends this same care to all infants at risk for neurodevelopmental concerns who may have been born at other hospitals.

Infants are seen at four to six months and six months thereafter until two years of age. Families are then tracked yearly until the children enter kindergarten.

This creative program, interfaces with the NICU developmental care team but additionally provides a multidisciplinary assessment with Pediatric Neurology  through Dr. John Wells, Occupational therapy assessment through Ms. Felice Sklamberg and Psychological assessment through Ms. Michelle Zacarrio.

Sensory evaluations are provided by the program through interaction with NYU Pediatric Ophthalmology and ENT.

The program has received funds from KiDS of NYU and Variety Children's Charity and is coordinated by Ms. Vanessa Tineo and Ms. Carolyn Salomone.

The Medical Director is Dr. Elena Wachtel.